EXCE Environmental Technology (Guizhou) Co., Ltd., a Sino-German partnership cooperation enterprise, is invested by Zhejiang EXCE Environmental Technology Co., Ltd(located in Hangzhou).

In 2018, EXCE established Guizhou plant with three high-s...




  • Membrane Filter Plate
  • Chamber Filter Plate
  • Membrane Filter Plate

    EXCE has two kinds of membrane plates, welded on and replaceable membrane. Each membrane leaf is produced by 2 hours compression moulding process, it can be used for processes with high chemical corrosive ,high pressure and high temperature. According to customers special filtration and cake wash requirements, EXCE can provide customized membrane plates with specialized plate compound and design. The plates can perform as well as German plates.
  • Chamber Filter Plate

    EXCE chamber plate is made from high molecular weight polypropylene though extrusion and compression process. Each plate has been tested with strict process to fit a temperature range of 0~95 ℃ and a max.filtration pressure of 2.0MPa.



EXCE filter plates, made from modified ultra-high molecular weight polypropylene compound and compression moulding process, according to the strict German filter plate standard.
The filter plate has excellent resistances to long term stress crack, chemical oxidation and high temperature. These provide EXCE filter plate a much longer life span, comparing to normal standard PP plate.
  • Suitable to aggressive slurry, including strong acid, alkaline and heavy metal ions.

  • Filtration temperature range: 0 ~ 95 ℃.

  • Higher washing efficiency, bringing down wash water consumption and cake wash time.

  • Filtration and squeezing pressure: max. 3.0 MPa

  • Precised machining ensures a better quality.



EXCE filter plate products are widely used in fields of chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food, brewery, dye and pigment, mining and waste water treatment,etc.
  • Dyestuff and Pigment

    For disperse dyestuff (blue and green), EXCE plate pack can save wash water and wash time over 50% comparing to China local plate pack.

  • Chemical Industry

    Chemical industry, such as titanium dioxide, silica, catalyst, hydrofluoric acid ,dyestuff, pigment,intermediates,etc.

  • Metallurgical industry

    Wet smelting process of non-ferrous metals and precious metals, such as copper, zinc, cobalt, manganese, nickel, lithium, gold, silver, indium, etc.

  • Food Industry

    Food industry inlcudes sugar, edible oil( palm oil), food additives( carrageenan , aspartame,ajinomoto),brewery(beer), etc.

  • Mining industry

    Mining industry's ore and concentrates, such as zinc, copper and iron ore.